Taylor Hazlehurst

My Philosophy:
Data-Driven Innovation


I lead teams with an open ear and encourage bravery, debate, and challenges. I'm not fearful of doubt from my constituents, but rather, I appreciate it and see it is an invitation to find ways to test the initially intuitive idea. This sets an example that fosters creative ideas and solutions that are more objective. By testing ideas and proving viability, we inspire support, advocacy, and drive. True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.

Big Decisions Start Small

Too much time and energy is spent making decisions that are easy vs. making easy decisions. In a world where opinions and intuitions can easily be tested, we should spend less time selling out ideas and contemplating every choice; and more time moving, testing, trying, working, and operating with a lean approach. It's better to go ahead and start small, than it is to jump in too fast or to wait for perfect timing.

Mine for Creativity

I'm more interested in what is real and true for the people I work alongside every day than I am frightened of going unheard or being wrong. In the quiet presence of your attention, respect, and ease, important things can happen: fresh ideas can emerge; confusion can dissipate; courage and openness can flourish and creativity can explode! To be interrupted is not good. To get lucky and not be interrupted is better. But to know you will not be interrupted allows you truly to think for yourself

My greatest skill:

UX/UI Analytics

Knowlege and in-depth understanding of digital and web analytics media/publishing websites, eCommerce, mobile, and web applications

Ability to speak, translate, and understand key developer and designer terms for digital UI/UX-realted projects

Product Development

Front-end Website Development and Experience Creating many different SaaS products, content subscriptions, and automated services.

General graphic design and management for most outbound marketing platforms: email, social media ads, banner ads, DoubleClick, WP websites, and most popular content management systems and front end interface software.

Content Strategy

The strategy is the egg. You need to lay the egg, before life can be created. So, I think the question is answered there. The chicken comes afterward. Don't build your website, create social posts, put ads in magazines, before you have outlined a clear strategy, sales forecast and other KPI's for the campaign. I build cutting edge and highly effective content strategy using close trends analysis through data aggregation from multiple sources. I insist on this process before I start typing or designing, so time isn't wasted building content no one wants.

Search Marketing

I believe in discovering search intention vs. researching common keywords. SEO, Moz Pro, Majestic, AdSense, AdMarketplace, Media.net, and many many niche paid & organic platforms

Rich Media Production

Video editing for social media (many videos I have edited myself have been viewed by an audience of >100K)

Knowledge of all major social media platforms, engagement and success metrics, fine-tuned audience targeting & retargeting

Editorial & Print

Editorial, Operational, and Customer-facing calendar creation and management skills

Copywriting for search engine optimization, digital, audio, press releases, scripting, and print for targeted messaging: B2B, B2C, and/or creative

Knowlege of print layout best practices for advertising and digital marketing layout best practices—

And most importantly, the effectiveness of editorial is very dependent on visuals. My taste for attractive aesthetics for editorial is one of my more natural and refined skills.

Sales & Pitching

Extensive knowledge of lead funnel management, negotiation, and closing deals. I have a knack for earning trust using a mix of emails, texts, sequences, and all mediums - even just a good cup coffee and sit down in a cafe.

Public Speaking

Sense of humor combined with respectful and tactful communication, team building, strategic client management

Texas Hold'em

I love poker. I play all the time (but not in a creepy addictive way)... I just really like winning and I love the game. The game is like business in a small microcosm within the players at the table. In a single tournament, you can go through every stage of business in a few hours. In a cash game, you mostly are in the start-up stage much longer and you are usually up against a huge monopoly. But hey... it's just poker... it's just business.

A Foundation of Excellence:

Work Experience

The 2% System
2018 - PRESENT

Creator, Spokesperson

Primary Goal: Help job seekers get into that coveted 2% of applicants that earn the opportunity to interview and land that next step in their careers.

Major Responsibilities:

Design and Develop the SaaS product
Create Helpful Content for Users and Job Seekers Everywhere
Research and Development for new Integrated solutions and Partnerships
Spokesperson and Storyteller for the Brand
Map out and direct the future of the products and services
Work with customer service for brand voice and messaging

2017 - PRESENT

Chief Product Officer & Founding Partner

Primary Goal: We want people and brands to reach their full potential, but personally... my goal is to create products for our agency that help generate systems for fulfilling this mission.

Major Responsibilities:

Develop The 2% System
Design Strategies for Brands and People
Lead Teams in Executing Strategies
Develop Innovative and Creative Products for Branding People and Personalizing Brands in the Modern/Tech-focused World
Facilitate Brand Connection Using Any/All/and New or Cutting Edge Marketing

Kosher Network International
2016 - 2018

Director of Business Strategy & Development

Results: 250-500K+ monthly seasonal site audience (+74% Growth YoY 2017), 100K+ Weekly Email Subscriber list (+57% Growth YoY 2017), 1-6MM+ monthly social audience (+52% Growth YoY 2017), over $600K in media sales (personally closed)

Major Responsibilities:

Primarily Manage Sales Team, monitor CRM, and consistently train and refine the pitch of new digital media products

Manage Editorial and Marketing Team's client deliverables & obligations

Manage and Assign all media buys & marketing campaigns - chief liaison and project manager for all media partners

Transitionally manage social media, SEO, paid search campaigns, and email marketing department, and web designer/developers

Digital Edge
2015 - 2016

Content & Social Media Consultant

Results: Recommended a solitary (but risky) focus on destination marketing (including zero reference to any clients outside this niche industry). This content strategy helped us acquire multiple new clients in this niche space.

Major Responsibilities:

Managed the content marketing program

Developed campaign strategies for our clients (Primarily Destination Marketing Organizations)

Worked alongside leadership to develop new program offerings & services for the brand

2011 - 2015

Strategy Consultant & Principle Partner

Results: Pinfluence orginally sold core technology services through its online app plug-in for brands to analyze key metrics on the Pinterest social platform and to use the tool to grow followers and plan subsequent cross-platform campaigns. This tech was acquired in 2012 by ConstellationCK.

Major Responsibilities:

A digital marketing and business consulting service, digital business development & growth strategy

website development and programming support

web design and SEM/SEO strategies

social media campaign management and marketing strategy

online publicity management and diversification strategy through mergers, acquisitions or strategic partnerships

PlattForm Advertising (KeyPath Education)
2010 - 2012

Innovation & Growth Analyst

Results: Worked directly for a think tank planted right in the middle of a 400+ person HigherED marketing agency in the Midwest. As a growth strategy analyst, my ideas and strategies took that agency global, starting with an acquisition in the UK and then, in South America.

Major Responsibilities:

Growth Strategy Analyst
- Acquisition and Merger Strategies for International opportunities primarily in Great Britain, the UAE, South America, and Australia.
- Director of New Innovation Projects
- Interdepartmental Communication and Direction for Innovative Projects that Diversified the Company's Industry Focus

Digital Innovation Strategist
Aug 2010 – Jan 2012
Employment Duration1 yr 6 mos
- Original Member of Internal Think Tank
- Research and Design Execution Strategies for leveraging PF resources and business capabilities by creating new revenue streams outside the current customer focus (career colleges and higher ed)

2007 - 2009

Marketing Specialist, Recruiter

Results: Started on the groundfloor as the first hire for marketing at the HQ in Coral Springs, Florida. Nanny Poppinz is a nanny referral placement agency worth $36M today with over 186 employees nationwide.

Major Responsibilities:

In charge of digital media platforms, recruiting, interview booking, and PR content.


Rinker School of Business, PBAU
2009 - 2010

MBA, Marketing

Incomplete, hired out of program & relocated
Palm Beach Atlantic University
2005 - 2009

BA English, Writing for Publication

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